Cycling with a Six Pack: 3 Great Bicycle Beer Bottle Holders

Bicycling with Beer: Holders & Carriers
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Nothing is better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, and nothing works up a thirst like a good bike ride. But if you don’t have a car, and your liquor store is miles away, your frosty beverage faces a risky trip home in the backpack.

Let’s face it, bicycles weren’t built for carrying a 6 pack. Your options are limited. You can stuff a six pack awkwardly into a satchel. You can balance a plastic bag precariously over your handlebars.

Or, you can use a handy dandy bike beer holder to carry your frosty beverages on your bike! You’ll get to and from that store in a snap, and you’ll look great doing it too.

Yep, six pack holders for bicycles are a thing, and they’re awesome. I find it’s way easier to justify a few suds after a calorie-burning spin over to my local brewery.

So, in order to facilitate your frosty brew transportation needs, here are a few of the best bicycle beer holders and 6 pack carriers around today.

Bike Beer Carriers & Drinking on Two Wheels

OK, here comes the obligatory disclaimer: bicycle beer holders & carriers are meant for transporting your beer from place to place, not for drinking and cycling! Some of my friends don’t think that’s a big deal; those friends are what I like to call: wrong.

Seriously, don’t do it! Operating any vehicle while intoxicated is a bad choice. It affects your reaction time, your coordination and your clarity of thought. Make wise decisions and be careful.


A gorgeous leather 6-pack bike beer holder by Walnut Studiolo

This one is a bit specific, but if your 6 pack happens to have a centre handle of any kind, then you’re in luck. This is a simple and brilliant bicycle beer carrier that allows you to tote your beverage of choice home in comfort.

The system consists of a simple leather frame cinch with adjustable sizing, so it will fit most frames. The idea is to place the cinch around the top tube of your bike, and through the handle of your six pack. The beverages hang below in the bike frame triangle.

This system has a bunch of advantages: first, it allows you to tote your beer hands free. It centres the weight of the six pack in the middle of your bike frame, lowering your centre of gravity and making the return trip much safer.

Finally, the cinch is tiny, allowing you to have it tucked away in a pocket or backpack. It’s beautiful and safe for your frame, and it matches the look of any vintage inspired bicycles with its dark brown finish (also available in honey or black).

And if you’re worried about the ride home shaking up your bevvy, don’t be. Gravity is your friend here, and your drinks will stay remarkably steady as you pedal. It’s a winner.

Six-slot bottle carrier bag for your bicycle, by Donkey

Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. This is a clever canvas bag that is super easy to use. You’ll love the utility, even outside of just beverages.

It’s a simple but well-made canvas bag with a handle at the top. There are two sides, each with three deep pockets. The exterior is lined with a colourful nylon-like material.

How does it stay on your bike? It’s really quite clever. The weight of your 6-pack (or food, or wine, or whatever) keeps the bag nice and steady on your top tube. The inside has two strips of velcro which adhere to one another to add another layer of security.

It’s one of the best beer bottle carriers for your bike because it’s so simple to set up and use. Just load in your food and drinks, sling it over the top tube, and pedal away! As long as you’re not pedaling like a crazy person, you’ll be fine.

It’s reasonably priced at well under $50, and you’ll get so much use out of this thing. Not just beverages; I’ve found it’s great for phones, shades, spare clothing, even a baseball. If you’re hunting for a cheap bike beer holder with utility and upside, this is it.

Sexy leather beer holder for your bike by Fyxation

New From: $59.95 USD In Stock

Gah! This is such a good looking bicycle beer carrier. It combines great looks with utility and simplicity, and I can’t stop looking at it. It’s a problem.

This is a great answer to 6-packs that don’t have a handle. You can just slip your bottles directly into this handy holder and cycle off into the sunset. Made from strong, full grain leather and fastened together using metal rivets, this is a carrier that’s built to last a lifetime. You’ll have no worries about it falling apart on your ride.

And oh, the looks you’ll get. Made in brown leather with top tube loops and a sturdy handle, you can affix it easily to your top tube and then carry it inside in style when you get to your event. Be prepared to get lots of jealous stares and comments from this item. It is a conversation starter.

The manufacturer would helpfully like to point out that beer is not included, sadly.

Fyxation also makes a fantastic wine bottle holder for bikes in a similar style. Cycling sommeliers rejoice!

Don’t Forget That Bottle Cap

Nothing is worse than realizing that your ice cold 6 pack doesn’t have twist off caps!

Be doubly prepared with a dual purpose tool like the Surly Jethro Tule hub nut spanner / bottle opener combination.

Fixed gear riders will appreciate this one. You can switch between your fixed and free cogs on the fly using the 15mm hex wrench at one end. OK sure it doesn’t have a ton of leverage, but it will work in a pinch.

The other end? You guessed it! Bottle opener.

Growler Culture: You’re Not Out of Luck

Growler Beer Holder

Photo Credit: PedalHappyDesign

If you’ve started getting into growler culture, and appreciate the low cost and great value of filling up a reusable beer growler at a craft brewery nearby, you aren’t out of options.

PedalHappyDesign, a shop on Etsy, has an amazing (but expensive) growler holder that affixes to the back of your saddle. It’s a great way to get to and from the brewery with your precious cargo intact. They’re made of high quality leather and come in a range of colours from light honey brown up to black. I’m a big proponent of Etsy for bike swag, since the makers get to keep most of the profits! If you like the look of that growler holder, there’s a link to their shop under the image.

If you haven’t gotten into the growler scene, it’s a great way to save a few bucks and support your local microbreweries! Stand up for the little guy and you’ll be rewarded for it.

Keep Cool

There are lots of new bicycle beer 6 pack carriers on the market these days, and I think it the popularity of this idea will increase as time goes by. More people are choosing bike pedal over gas pedal, and they are hungry for the accessories to fit the lifestyle.

Any cool holders and carriers I missed? Let me know in the comments below; I don’t want to miss out on any cool new gear.

Also: what are you drinking these days?

Will Henry

Will Henry

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