Schwalbe One Review: The Best Road Bike Tire for Training or Racing?

Schwalbe One Road Racing Tire
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Is The Schwalbe One Better Than The Almighty Ultremo ZX?

As a road racer I’m always on the lookout for something that’s going to give me a performance edge at a relatively low cost. Tires seem to be one of the options where spending an extra few dollars can make a significant difference in the grand scheme of things.

Having just started racing on new Schwalbe One road bike tires it’s a great time to review their performance so far having previously loved their Ultremo ZX racing tires.

Schwalbe One Road Bike Tire Review:

I’ll be taking a look at a few of the One’s attributes, with an eye to race and training use. We’ll take a look at grip, speed, longevity / resistance, and weight. Let’s get started.

Grip and Speed

I’ve spent the last few months riding Vredestein’s excellent Fortezza Senso All Weather which offers fantastic grip. That said, the difference when swapping to the more race orientated One is phenomenal.  The level of grip is on another planet; I feel almost at one with the road surface when pushing into tight corners while racing.

I feel like these tires add that extra bit of speed during a time trial and cut down those vital seconds when I’m competing against myself and the clock. They feel extremely race orientated.

According to Schwalbe’s performance testing, the One shows a low rolling resistance of just 22 watts compared to 24.5 watts for their already fast Ultremo ZX road bike tire (which has excellent reviews and has been a favourite amongst road racers for the last few years.) A couple of watts might not seem a lot but they translate to vital seconds in a time trial, and that in turn can mean the difference between relatively fresh or tired legs at the end of a road race.

Tire Longevity and Puncture Resistance

The Schwalbe One road tire features a new triple compound called OneStar, which is comprised of cutting edge composites based on advancements in specialist polymer technology. Schwalbe claim that despite their usual excellent road grip in dry and wet conditions, this compound will also provide better resistance to abrasion and cuts. Having used the tires for around 300 miles the jury is still out on that but so far they’re pretty awesome and they are not showing any real sign of wear.

The tires feature Schwalbe’s V-Guard puncture resistant strip beneath the tread which claims to offer a significantly better level of puncture protection over their old RaceGuard protection featured in the Ultremo ZX. Having had no puncture issues on the Ultremo ZX previously I’ll have no qualms about using these tires for training as well as racing throughout the summer.

Tire Weight

Schwalbe tires are generally pretty light and the One is no exception. The claimed weight is 205 grams in the standard 700x 23c size. When checking this out my kitchen scales stated 219g and 217g which is still relatively light, although not quite as light as stated.

The Verdict

The Schwalbe One road bike tire reviews well across all aspects, and they are among the best road racing bike tires for 2017 and beyond. In fact, they are my new current favourite racing tire for grip and speed.

Liam Hallam

Liam Hallam

Liam Hallam is a Nottingham UK based road racer and cyclocross enthusiast. You'll mostly find him on the tough roads of the Peak District or trails of Sherwood Forest.

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