16 Struggles Only A Commuter Cyclist Will Understand

11) Overall, you have a seriously conflicted relationship with your weather app

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82° and sunny? No chance of precipitation? I’ll leave my rain gear at home, just this once…

Thanks phone, thanks a bunch.

12) And after the rain, there are puddles… and potholes

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Gene Kelly romanticized the puddle, but the reality is they’re jerks. Seriously.

Nothing good ever comes from riding through a giant puddle.


13) The people who give cyclists a bad name…

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There are smart cyclists and dumb cyclists. Smart cyclists are courteous, law abiding citizens.

Dumb cyclists are in a rush, and have a high chance of winning the Darwin award.

Please do not lump us all together!

14) Pedestrians not paying attention

Source: Cyberslayer via Imgur

There’s an equal share of responsibility between pedestrian and bicycle to be aware of one another.

Unfortunately, that share isn’t always evenly split!

15) Trying to be productive at work… but the legs are dead

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You really crushed that hill on the way to work.

But now you need to deliver a message to Jan on the 4th floor, and the elevator’s out.

…OK, see you in an hour.

16) Just remember: you’re saving money, fighting climate change and getting free exercise

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So, is cycling to work every day worth the hassle, grief and struggle?


Will Henry

Will Henry

Having built and repaired bikes for the last 4 years — in both a professional and a hobby capacity — Will is enthusiastic about cycling in all its forms, but particularly fixies and urban bikes. Living in beautiful Vancouver BC, Will gets out and cycles whenever he can. Current ride: a Norco XFR. You can check out Will Henry's Google+ profile here.

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