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Cycling with Suds: Bicycle Beer Holders & Carriers

Bicycling with Beer: Holders & Carriers

Nothing is better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer day! But if you don’t have a car, and your liquor store is miles away, chances are that frosty beverage will be pretty warm by the time you tote it home!

Let’s face it, bicycles weren’t built for carrying a 6 pack. Your options are limited. You can stuff a six pack awkwardly into your backpack. You can balance a plastic bag precariously over your handlebars.

Or, you can use a handy dandy bike beer holder to carry your frosty beverages on your bike! You’ll get to and from that store in a snap, and you’ll look great doing it too!

So, in order to facilitate frosty brew transportation, here are a few of the best bicycle beer holders and 6 pack carriers around today.