As though cycling to work everyday isn’t difficult enough…

Cyclists share equal rights on the road, yet we’re constantly exposed, pushed around, cut off and misunderstood.

Cities are catching on to this whole bicycle trend. Bike lanes are appearing, and drivers are starting to learn to look for us.

We’ve still got a long way to go, but plenty of people are cycling to work every day. In the meantime, all you can really do is ride defensively and have a laugh where you can.

Here are a few things that bicycle commuters might relate to. I hope it makes you chuckle!

Photo credit: Richard Masoner.

1) Trying to pass that person who weaves all over the road.

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They dodge, they weave, and they have an almost supernatural ability to drift into your path as you try to pass them.

Come on! Can’t you hear my bell?

2) Dogs man… dogs

Photo Credit: Josh Lowensohn

To you, your bicycle is your vehicle and means of transportation. To Fido, it’s a gazelle that must be caught.

Sure they’re cute, but not when they’re biting at my shins. The little ones are just annoying, but the big guys are downright scary!

It’s gaining on me! Omygodomygodomygod!

3) You’re wearing a heavy jacket… and then the sun comes out

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The forecast called for rain, so you bundled up in your most waterproof gear.

But the weather person lied! It’s so hot! I’d feel a lot better without this heavy coat on.

Maybe if I just… dammit.

4) Arriving at work oh so very sweaty

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Antiperspirant: check. Change of clothes: check.

If you’re not thinking ahead, you’re not thinking. Especially if you’re expected to wear office attire! Be sure to have proper gear which can help – take a gander at this list of great bike shorts so that you arrive less sweaty.

5) Road rage drivers being all road ragey

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Hey pal, it’s not our fault that you hate your commute. Please don’t take it out on us squishy cyclists.

Maybe you need an outlet for all that frustration. Have you tried cycling?

6) Someone at work is taking up three spots on the bike rack with their beach cruiser

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Three spots? Really?

Oh it’s fine, I’ll just lock up my carbon road bike in that dark alley across the street.

No problem…

7) People parking their cars in the bike lane…

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Oh you had an important errand to run? Totally legitimate, no problem.

We’ll just dart out into traffic, or ride on the sidewalk.

No big deal.

8) And of course, commercial vehicles in the bike lane

Source: Casey Neistat via Imgur

Casey Neistat has an epic and hilarious video about the rampant blocking of bike lanes in New York City.

He’s clearly willing to put his body on the line to make a point.

9) Sometimes it’s a tad on the windy side…

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Nothing like gale-force winds to put a crimp in your style.

Looks like the commute’s gonna take a bit longer than usual today…

10) Sometimes there’s a bit of unexpected rain

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Well I’m soaked. Good thing it’s casual Friday.

Maybe I should just call in sick today?

11) Overall, you have a seriously conflicted relationship with your weather app

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82° and sunny? No chance of precipitation? I’ll leave my rain gear at home, just this once…

Thanks phone, thanks a bunch.

12) And after the rain, there are puddles… and potholes

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Gene Kelly romanticized the puddle, but the reality is they’re jerks. Seriously.

Nothing good ever comes from riding through a giant puddle.


13) The people who give cyclists a bad name…

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There are smart cyclists and dumb cyclists. Smart cyclists are courteous, law abiding citizens.

Dumb cyclists are in a rush, and have a high chance of winning the Darwin award.

Please do not lump us all together!

14) Pedestrians not paying attention

Source: Cyberslayer via Imgur

There’s an equal share of responsibility between pedestrian and bicycle to be aware of one another.

Unfortunately, that share isn’t always evenly split!

15) Trying to be productive at work… but the legs are dead

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You really crushed that hill on the way to work.

But now you need to deliver a message to Jan on the 4th floor, and the elevator’s out.

…OK, see you in an hour.

16) Just remember: you’re saving money, fighting climate change and getting free exercise

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So, is cycling to work every day worth the hassle, grief and struggle?