About Us

Bike builders. Riders. Perfectionists.

We could never choose between form and function. It’s where they meet that we find our inspiration.

Building, fixing and riding has always been a passion of ours, and this site is an outlet. Whether we’re reviewing a great new ride or just taking some pics of our latest weekend rides, we’re hoping that our passion for all things bicycle will be inspiring and infectious.

All of the contributors at Bikesmarts.com are passionate about cycling. We hope that our articles and write-ups help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s the right gear, the best advice, or just a good story or two.

We aren’t bike snobs. We’ll never use the price tag or the brand as the primary indicator of quality. A lot of great stuff can be done with almost no budget. We’re obsessed with ‘DIY’ and personal projects. Nothing is more satisfying that riding a bicycle that you’ve put a little effort into building.

Please check in frequently. We’re lining up some guest posters with some great articles. Thanks for stopping by.


~The Bike Smarts Team