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  1. I am switching from a Trek Triton to something that is an urban commute style cycle – I like the concept of disc breaks and a closed hub. I don’t want to spend a ton of money and am not opposed to buying used. I have a bit of a weird geometry though. I have a long torso and short legs (my inseam is 28.5″).

    Do you have half a dozen recommendations for a bike? thank you!

  2. Concerning urban bikes. I am riding a jam is commuter 3 which has similar characteristics to the Redux but I find both lacking as commuters.
    For me the perfect urban bike would have,
    Heavy-duty frame and wheels to carry extra weight.
    Fatter tires, (don’t like 700)
    Front shock
    Belt drive and guard
    Center kickstand
    Integrated less front rear and sides.
    Full upright position.
    Racks and dropuots
    My idea is comfort, durability, low maintenance and safety over speed and esthetics.

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