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  1. Hello, i just got interested in vintage bicycles… Unfortunately the several ones i have stopped to and liked are from nirve and are not really that easy to get to anywhere in europe… My question is if you can think of a brand focusing on similar styles and all but who also sales in europe?

  2. Have you heard of Electra bikes? Do you know the value of a “cruiser” type bike from this company?

  3. My son just dropped off the first good bike I purchased from a local bike shop. A used Raleigh Grand Prix.
    I upgraded to alloy rims and a Brooks saddle. I passed it on to my son hoping he would get the touring bug like I did.
    Do you think this might be a candidate for restoring??
    Thanks for your article!!

  4. Just finished rebuilding a 60s-70s era hiawatha. Got it cheap but it has top grade replacement brakes and shifters up graded. Only down side is it weighs 38 lbs. Oh well, more exercise for the buck! I would love to find one just like it with aluminum frame, titanium crank, and alloy rims. I like the up right ride, and the rake of the forks, not as tight as my 82 motobicane.

  5. Hi,
    Does anyone make bikes that resemble the classic Schwinn Stingrays of the 1960s? Micargi is the only maker I can find with their “Hero” Beach Cruisers but I’m concerned about the quality. It’s for my 15 years old son. Thanks!

    1. Hi Robert,
      Micargi is the only brand I can think of off the top of my head that’s focusing on this style. And they honestly aren’t bad. I’m assuming you mean the banana seat style, not the chopper style, right? The Hero seems to have 20-inch wheels, which might be on the small side for a teenager. If you’re looking for Schwinn lookalikes, maybe check out the Falcon GTS?

  6. I’m learning about bicycles and I’m fascinated by vintage bikes I would love to sign up and get anything you would like to send me through email! Much thanks Rob Mayer Winston-Salem North Carolina I thank you so much and have a good day hope you get out to ride!

    1. Hello Rob, no email list yet, but I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Thinking about setting up a forum, would you be interested in that? Keep checking back in.

  7. Hi, I am looking at the retro style bikes and want to choose wisely. One of the onesI am looking at is the Giant (LIV) Suede I. Are you familiar with this and is this a bike whose components would hold up? I do ride quite a bit.


    1. Hi ConniJ, the Liv Suede is a nice, basic bicycle, great for recreational cycling. Giant is a good brand too. From a riding position standpoint, it’s probably not the best choice for daily commuting (unless your commute is short, or not very strenuous). If you’re after a commuter, let me know and I’ll offer some alternatives!

      1. I’m not necessarily looking for a commuter and since I have another bike wouldn’t ride it every day but it would get a lot of use and I would like one that could be comfortable for riding 10+ miles at a time. We mainly do paved trails

      2. I really like the look of the European style or classic, I took the Suade out for about a 5-mile ride and really liked it, especially the seat. I just want to be sure it would still be comfortable to ride2 or 3 times that distance

    1. Hi Gregg. Ebay! 🙂 It’s still one of the best places to pick up OEM replacement parts. Bicycle Heaven (dot com) has some great stuff too. Good luck!

  8. I am looking for a bike with a basket and found the XDS Nadine City 7. Do you know anything about this bike? Would you recommend it?

    1. Hi Lynne, I haven’t seen it up close before, no. I checked out the stats though, seems like a decent comfort bike. The components are basic, but the reviews are pretty solid. Probably a good choice. Remember though, you can buy and install a basket on pretty much any bike out there!

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