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Finding a road worthy, top quality hybrid bike for under 500 bucks

Ah, the hybrid bike. It’s probably the best thing to happen to the cycling industry in 50 years. Nothing targets the casual / commuter rider quite like it.

That’s for good reason. Hybrid bicycles (theoretically) offer a wonderful balance of capability.

Top Picks

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  1. Decathlon RC 120 FB
  2. Priority Classic Plus – Gotham Edition
  3. Pure Cycles Original Series Bike
  4. Framed Rendal
  5. Bombtrack Outlaw
  6. Breezer Rader Expert
  7. Masi Giramondo 700CC Bike
  8. Raleigh Detour
  9. Breezer Doppler Cafe+
  10. Raleigh Venture 2
  11. Schwinn Discover
  12. Explore Your Range

Not exactly.

While there are some phenomenally great entrants into this category, they’re not all made equal.

The best hybrid bikes under $500 are a good blend of two styles of riding, capable (but not brilliant) at both styles. The worst hybrids out there aren’t really good at any type of riding.

So how does one find a stud in amongst all the duds?

I will be offering eight reviews of some affordable, top quality hybrid bikes below the $500 price point, explaining why each one made the cut, and what kind of riding it’s best suited towards.

Furthermore, I’ll offer a few tips on how to shop for them, and how to better understand hybrids and their various denominations.

Let’s get started! (more…)