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  1. I recently purchased a 1959 Schwinn corvette. It’s in good shape and the chrome parts are salvageable. Will it hurt the restore value if I paint the frame and Install new decals? These bikes seem to be highly collectable.
    Thanks, Craig

  2. Hi Will,

    I have come into the possession of a Schwinn Arnold Packard. Am looking for a place to have all the chrome parts re-chromed. (If that is a thing) Also have a dent in the rear fender. Is there a place that might be able to fix the dent? Rolling it back into shape? Also looking for paint, tires, and hand grips.

    Best, Michael

  3. Hello, I own a 1952 mens Hawthorne deluxe bicycle. It is fairly good shape considering the age. I was told that if I had it repainted, it would not be good for the value as it would not be original paint. Also, I don’t know how the decals on the tank could be done just like factory. I have seen decals for sale on Ebay but they would not be original. I think the originals were painted not decals. Not sure.
    Tom Woodruff

  4. Hey! I have an old Zeg Markenrad Driegang that I brought from Germany; I used to ride it until a few months ago. I’m wondering if it would be worth trying to restore or to give it new life as my new garden planter. I bought it for €20 and rode it for 2 years so it’s safe to say I’m not out any money. Any thoughts on finding parts for old German bikes?

  5. Hi Will. Enjoyed reading your article.
    I have two antique French made bikes (actually mitorbikes) and wonder if you are familiar with the brand’s. One is a 1925 AutoMoto and the other is a 1954 Guiler. I can send pics if you’re curious.

  6. I bought a Peugeot for $40.00 put another $80.00 in tires on May 19 2019 rode My 16th Century ride very comfortable bike .

  7. I found a old child’s strawberry shortcake cake bike 13inch I believe. It has just but no significant enough to destroy the metal. I was told it would decrease the value to restore it then to sell it as is. It is a great old bike. Didn’t no if they were write about not restoring it. Can anyone give me an idea what to do

  8. I get the point about the earlier poster’s about the lack of economic sense of a 60 buy & 160 sell after so much effort… but it doesn’t stop me either. Something very satisfying about taking an old unwanted bike and making it better than new.

    1. I tore down a shed on my wife’s mother property and in it was a vintage JC Higgins bicycle that my wife rode 70 years ago. I think it can be restored but I’m not capable of doing it. Is there anybody in the Western Chicago area that does bike restorations?

  9. Will
    Where do you go to sell your bikes?
    I have my Raleigh Grand Prix from the 70’s I would love to fix up and sell but do not know where to start. Or even if it is worth it.

  10. So you bought it for 60, say you can sell it for $160. Ok.. let’s say you managed to fix it up for $30 using some cheap dumpster dived parts. Then you made $70. And including the time hauling it home this certainly took the better part of a day. I wouldn’t be bragging about seeing the hidden economic value in that that she didn’t? If you like doing it, that’s a different story, but I think she got a good deal selling that for $60.

    1. I probably invested two hours in the project: pick up bike, drop by parts shop, repairs took around 1 hour, so I was happy with the time invested to profit ratio. That said, it’s a hobby, not a big money maker. I enjoyed giving the bike a second chance at life. And you’re right, $60 was probably a great deal for her too. Win win!

      1. Hi Will,
        I have just been given a Peugeot folding bicycle, where can I find some info, I’m not having any luck, it looks VERY OLD but for the OLD part it seems to be in good condition. Any help is appreciated!

      2. Dude you’re amazing, I’d hire you! You can clean off the rust, pop off both wheels and replace tubes and tires, re-install, break the chain, install a new one, replace all the cabling, check the brakes, maybe install new pads, adjust the brakes and the shifting, not to mention truing the wheels and checking and re-greasing both hubs and bottom bracket and then take it for a test ride… in an hour! Wow. Mere mortals may have just cleaned the rust in that time…

    2. I would agree. I have restored and sold over 10 vintage steel bikes over the last 5 years ( multiple Raleighs, Peugeot, Nishiki, Atal, Motebecane, Shogun) all saved from the crusher from my town dump. I usually try to sell for $100 and sometimes have $60 in new parts and lots of time. I do it because all were being thrown away and it kills me to see people byuing crap walmart bikes when a good working vintage one will outlast them twice over.

  11. Hallo, I have 2 vintage 20 inch Peugeot folding bikes with 3 gear shifters , appr 30 years old, one of the gear shifter is stacked in 3erd gear, are there any replacement parts available. I like my bikes, they are in excellent condition except the the 3 gears, help. PS I am living in Los Angeles

    1. Hi Peter, yeah those old 3-speeds can be tricky! They don’t make them anymore, as far as I know. I’ve had good luck with eBay for finding parts. Otherwise, another shifter could work (Shimano, for example). Check out Bike-Forums dot net, it’s a fantastic collection of bike hobbyists and a great resource for this sort of thing.

  12. Whats the best all around road bike \ swiss army knife bike for under or around 1200? I prefer Italian but am open to others.

    1. Hi Jest… oh gosh, tough question, so many factors! Primarily road? The Cannondale Synapse 105 perhaps? The Giant Revolt is a really interesting and versatile bike. Maybe check out our article on cyclocross bikes? That’s about as swiss army as I know! You can find it here. Hope that helps!

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