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  1. Hello Will,

    I am trying to develop a game for cycling. I would like to obtain the input from a Bluetooth or an ANT+ based cadence/ speed sensor and feed it directly into my game. I am hoping I can connect the sensor to a Windows 10 PC and get the readings and control my game directly. Would you know of any sensors in the market that can connect easily to windows computers and also offer SDK or APIs that make the data easily accessible on a Windows PC?


  2. Thanks for the reviews. I have used wired Cateye speed and cadence sensors, but the eventually fail due to wires being pulled loose from rough riding or handling. Hopefully I wireless sensor wont have that issue. Also, it would be really handy if you would put the date of the article posting directly under the title at the beginning of the article. Same for updates. With rapid changes in technology and products, more recent reviews are more beneficial.

    1. Hi Cabe, I hear you re: pulled wires. Wireless isn’t without its quirks, but it makes life sooo much easier.

      Thanks for the feedback re: article date. This one was recently updated, but I’ll definitely consider putting the updated date under all our posts!

  3. Does anyone know which sensors work with iPhone 8+/iOS 11.3 & Mapmyride? The Duotrap S is no longer supported (as of last fall 2017).

    Does Cateye or Wahoo still work with Mapmyride?

  4. I would like an app that shows me my speed, height, cadence and heartrate, overlaying rear camera video so I don’t have to turn around or use a mirror to look behind. Pushing buttons would give useful stuff like distance travelled, height climbed, calories burned etc but I would do that when stopped. Some video recording function would be useful, possibly including a front camera. That’s not going to be cheap, but I would pay for it.
    The whole satnav functionality, I would want to switch screens to a satnav screen, and I would probably be stopped when doing so. I don’t want a satnav much on bike, either I know where I am going because I have been there before, or I will have scouted all the key junctions on StreetView.

  5. Map My Ride (even the newest Android apps) is NOT compatible with Bluetooth devices other than heart rate sensors. Theoretically MMR works with ANT+ phones, but choices are meager.

  6. thanks for the info. would love to hear any updates you’ve come across with other devices.

    i’ve been using the Wahoo and it’s been excellent with all apps i’ver tried it with. it’s big drawback is the cadence sensor. i’m on my third, the rubber band on the first having snapped and fallen to the road and the second – which i added a zip tie to – suffering the same fate. kudos to Wahoo customer support , though – they sent me a replacement

    1. Hi Phil, as an alternative, check out the Wahoo RPM, I’m planning to update the posting to include it. It might be easier / less bulky to attach, as it goes on your crank arms or your shoes.

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