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  1. I bought a pair of Luganos for one of my bikes mainly because they were a good price and I wanted some tan walls to match the vintage look of the bike. Wish I hadn’t. The bike originally came with some blue Zaffiros which I rode for a while with no problems but blue wasn’t right.

    After about 2 months the rear Lugano separated as per the reviewers experiences. cracks were appearing in the side walls and one day the side just exploded. The front was fine so I wrote it off as bad luck and bought another one. Another 6 months on and this rear has a bulge point like a small buckle in tyre itself (not the wheel) and looking at the front it is showing a lot of cracks.

    So I just bought some black Zaffiros and will forego the vintage tan wall look.

    I have Conti GP4k s2 on my main bikes so will see how these fare in comparison. Not expecting them to be as fast but hopefully a little more puncture resistant.

    I should add I like my tyres hard. >100psi

  2. I just replaced my commuter tires with the Zaffiro Pro.
    They are excellent so far and indeed you can really rip in a straight line.

    Bumped up to 28 from 25s and I enjoy the slightly cushier ride.

  3. By the way, I forgot to say something positive in my previous comment: great article and very useful. Helped me make up my mind to buy the Vittorias.

  4. You might want to check your comparison chart. It contradicts the text– particularly about which tire wears better. Isn’t the Vittoria the one that goes 5,000 miles?

  5. What kind of Vittoria Zaffiro did you test? I went on Amazon and there are several models. Which “model” did you test?

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