Looking to lose a few pounds and shed some belly fat? Cycling to lose weight can be a fun and simple way to go about it.

In order to lose belly fat by cycling it’s important to remember that consistency is key. Losing belly fat won’t happen overnight, you’ll have to be dedicated to reaching your goals while maintaining a healthy diet at the same time.

Knowing exactly how to motivate yourself to maintain any weight loss isn’t easy of course, so go easy on yourself. Start of small and slow, trying to beat your personal best every time.

Plus, losing weight isn’t the only benefit of cycling. You could incorporate commuting to work as your exercise for the day which both saves you money on travel and time as you won’t have to fit a ride in after work.

Cycling is also a great opportunity to visit beautiful places, meet up with friends or just explore parts of your neighborhood you never knew existed!

Does cycling burn fat?

Yes, cycling does burn fat. It burns fat primarily from your backside and thighs, but it can reduce fat from your entire body because you are engaging lots of different parts of your body.

When you’re cycling, your leg muscles will require more energy than normal, this will encourage your body to break down fats in order to produce more energy for you to keep riding. This causes you to lose weight over time.

However, it isn’t as simple as that. Cycling takes a lot of hard work and dedication and in order to burn fat and lose weight, you must also maintain a calorie deficit each day.

In order to achieve a calorie deficit you must burn more calories than you take in. This means you’ll have to take your diet into consideration too.

Cycling also gains muscle, so, while you may not have lost weight on the scales, you are burning fat which is then just being replaced by muscle. Muscle helps burn fat faster though, so you will actually burn even more fat once you’ve gained muscle – win-win!

How long should I ride a bike to lose belly fat?

In order to effectively lose belly fat by riding a bike you should aim to ride between 30 minutes to an hour per day if you have the time. How much fat you lose is also dependent on the intensity of your ride and what you eat during the week.

It’s recommended that you ride as early in the day as you can because morning exercise will not only make you burn fat during the ride, you will continue to burn fat at a faster rate afterwards too. This is because your body burns fat faster when it’s in a state of fasting.

If you only have time to work out for 30 minutes a day, don’t fret, you can still effectively lose belly fat. Try doing high intensity intervals to get your heart rate up and make the most of your ride.

These workouts may seem daunting to a lot of riders, but they can be super effective. They’re great because they allow you to reap the great benefits of an intense work out without taking up your entire day.

Alternatively, you could go for a long ride once a week instead. You don’t necessarily need to exercise in short, sharp bursts on the bike to lose belly fat. Long rides (that last around 3-6 hours) can be a great way to burn fat and build on your endurance.

They can also be more enjoyable, particularly for beginners. Use the time to see some beautiful scenery and relax while contributing to weight loss! Commuting to work or events is also a great way to get a long ride in. This could save you money on travel too.

Can you lose weight spinning 3 times a week?

Spinning can be a super effective way to lose weight. Spinning is an aerobic exercise which consists of cycling indoors on a stationary bike and typically lasts from around 30 minutes to an hour.

It’s a great way for someone of any age, gender or fitness level to engage in because it’s low-impact and can be adapted to suit anyone by adjusting the speed, resistance and time spent exercising.

It’s a simple yet super sweaty way to get into shape and burn calories – you will feel like the fat is quite literally dripping off you after one session!

The amount of times you spin per week is totally up to you. If you’re spinning at least 3 times a week this is definitely a good base to work around that you can then adjust depending on your individual goals and fitness level. By spinning 3 times a week you could be burning around 1,200 to 1,800 calories each week.

It’s important to note though, that it takes more than just cardio to lose weight. You must also factor in your diet in order to achieve a calorie deficit each week.

Consistency is also key. Spinning 3 times one week and not going at all the next won’t be good for weight loss. It’s better to exercise less during the week but to exercise every week, than to binge one week and do nothing the next.

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Final say

Losing belly fat by cycling is definitely doable. Although finding the right balance of exercise and diet can be hard to manage. Sticking to a routine will help with this. Plan your meals and your exercise in accordance with your goals.

It’s also important to remember that you may not see results straight away as cycling to lose weight can take a couple of months at least. So don’t be disappointed if things don’t change right away.

All you can do is remain consistent and try to improve each time you go out for a ride. You’ll eventually reach your health goals and lose belly fat.