Are you curious on how long does it take to bike 5 miles?

Starting your day with a bike ride can help boost your spirits and adopt a healthy lifestyle, especially if you spend your day sitting in front of a screen.

Five miles is an average commuting distance, easily managed by most people. But, of course, you will want to know how long this will take when planning your schedule.

How Long Does It Take to Bike 5 Miles?

First, to calculate the time for a five-mile ride, we need the time for 1 mile. On average, it takes 5-6 minutes to cover a mile. As a result, it will take 25-30 minutes to cover 5 miles.

But these riding times are heavily influenced by terrain, bike quality, weather conditions, and your fitness level.

For the everyday ride, you can expect a time of 30-35 minutes. You can reduce it to 20-25 mins if you practice regularly and cycle on a flat surface. But remember that your speed will decrease if you are riding uphill. You will easily need 45-48 mins to go for 5 miles. On the other hand, the downhill will be a breeze, and you might only need 8-10 mins to travel those 5 miles.

Here are some factors that will impact your riding time:

1. Bike Tire Sizes

Bike tire size makes a significant impact on your riding time. Mountain bikes come with wider tires than road bikes.

Consider the terrains you are willing to ride on. For example, if you plan to move on a flat surface, investing in a mountain bike is not worth it. However, if you wish to explore the rugged terrains and ride rocky paths, a mountain bike will be essential.

2. Your Fitness Level

Biker’s physical fitness plays an important role. As you can imagine, a beginner will need more time to cover 5 miles than an expert. But gradually, with practice, you will build endurance, improve your stamina, and be able to ride further and faster. As a result, your riding time will reduce drastically.

3. Weather

Lovely weather may encourage you to bike faster, consequently enjoying the breeze, and cover long distances in less time. On the other hand, heatwaves and snowfall can affect your plans. Unfavourable weather conditions can significantly add to your biking time.

Also, rainy weather can lead to slippery surfaces, increasing the chances of you falling. Therefore, avoid biking in harsh weather conditions to prevent any instances of injury.

4. The Riding Terrain

Going downhill is way more fun than traveling uphill. The quality of surface, roads, and speed breakers can also impact your riding time. If you are a beginner, avoid venturing into mountainous terrains.


We have lucidly explained how long does it take to bike 5 miles. Terrain, gears, types of bikes, weather, and practice are just a few factors that impact your biking speed. It is important to remember that different rules apply to different situations. If you found this helpful guide, don’t forget to share it with your peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biking 5 Miles Per Day Good for Your Health?

Anybody can benefit from pedaling a bike for 5 or more miles. Regular exercise can help prevent weight gain, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and even depression.

How Many Miles Can I Cover In 40 Minutes of Biking?

On a flat road, you can easily cover a mile in 3-4 minutes. So, you can cover 10-11 miles in 40 minutes of biking.

What Will Happen If You Cycle 10 Miles A Day?

Considering the terrain, resistance offered by the wheel, speed of the ride, and weather conditions, you can burn 40-50 calories per mile traveled. So, you can quickly burn 400-500 calories during your workout.