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  1. Hi, I replaced my Shimano Octalink bottom bracket, and found an issue tightening the left side last. The notches try to strip. I wonder if it’s worth tightening that first, just nippig it up, and then do the business on the (metal) right side? I effectively found this when removing – the left side just stripped, but the right came off fine, then I could take off the left. It seems to me the left works more like an end stop and is more effective if fully inserted first, and if this works, it will give more long term effect and wi

  2. Great article! Very helpful to newbies like me!

    Can you please update the link to the Shimano’s mountain cycling shoe —
    The M324 makes a great team with Shimano’s mountain cycling shoe.

    It seems unavailable in Amazon already. I would like to check out those shoes and get myself something similar.

    Thank you.

    1. The article is about best pedals for beginners. As new to clips, and having tried both X series and Zero systems, I can say these are not for beginners, or at least for new riders under 5′ 4″ and 120 lbs. They are really, really stiff out of the box. It took all my weight to get them to click in and just could get the right leverage to click out easily. I liked being able to adjust the float so that I could get enough leverage, but having fallen 5 times, I’m on to Shimano. I also had an experienced rider (30+ years) try them out too. And he agreed, these were way too stiff.

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