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  1. How much do most folding tricycles weigh. Im not so young and not so strong any more but want to take a trik to the big park or the beach.

  2. Thanks for this article. Although, I have a great experience with bikes and little bit of trikes as well but your article helped me to choose the right and affordable tricycle for my 58 yrs old father.

  3. I loved your article. I’m 67 and on a limited budget and just purchased a tricycle online. I paid a cheaper price than a lot of the other sites but it looks like the same product. I have a lot of the same issues as Syma
    , sure wish I’d seen your article before I bought mine, I just hope I get it! ha

  4. Hi will,
    My name is Syma. I fractured my knee last year, and have put on lot weight as a result. I also have had chronic back pain since a horse riding accident. Would a tricycle be a good option for these limitations, while also allowing some exercise (and fun!)? I want to get out more, get in shape and not dread the workout. Thanks for this article!

    1. You’ll definitely want a trike with gears, as opposed to one with only one speed. The most efficient rate of spin, or cadence, at the pedals is around 90rpm, which is also better for your knees.

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