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  1. Why is everything black? As the days get shorter and more and more likely to be riding in the dark. And it’s even harder to see when it’s rainy and stormy. Why not have some bright colors to help with visibility?

  2. so true even a light sprinkle or mist can leave you we through when you’re cycling. I remember the first time I rode my e bike to work after only ever using it for leisure purposes on nice days and there was a heavy mist outside. I was so unprepared and arrive to work pretty wet! and I am not good when it comes to discomfort. Unfortunately while my workplace has shower facilities I didn’t bring a change of clothes. Now waterproofs are my best friend and I’m always on the hunt for the next best waterproof.

  3. I suggest you to check out the VeStorm raincoat by Vesthold. This company produces high-performance outerwear for outdoor professionals.They have developed a stylish and innovative raincoat for commuting cycling full of interesting features such as the Flexhold Bike Convertible System based on two lateral zips which open to release a skirt area which increases leg space so there is no loss of movement. Also the Easehold design creates a protective bubble which isolates the body from exterior weather conditions without constraining the wearer. It is light (850 grams), waterproof and breathable. Perfect for commuting cycling.

  4. Thanks for the info, I have recently moved to Florida and will be commuting on a Trek E-Bike, I will need to arrive at work dry, along with my laptop etc. You have given me a good start in my planning. As it s usually nice and warm when it rains in Florida, I will be looking for full water proof gear, as well as something that is not to warm
    thanks again!

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