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  1. Great article, but all your recommended bikes seem like they are no longer made/available. Do you have updated recommendations that are current? Thanks!

  2. It’s true that staying in shape isn’t easy, but I think that owning a bike might push me to start my fitness routine so I can finally lose weight. I wasn’t taught how to ride a bike before, but since commuting to work has been hard for me nowadays, and owning a car is really expensive for me right now, riding a bike might be a better option for me. I think I’ll go to a bike store to buy my own bike once I’ve managed to learn how to ride one so I can go to work quickly.

  3. Hi Will. Really enjoy your site. My sister and I co-founded Edellocks in our effort to introduce the cycling world to the AirLock. The AirLock is a strong bicycle cable lock with a twist — the lock includes a hand pump. Now there’s no need to carry a separate pump on your ride. The AirLock’s design allows you to lock your ride like a traditional cable lock. And AirLock’s innovative design allows you to pump your tire using the same device because the locking bolt is also the pumping cylinder. The AirLock has already received two U.S. patents, and more on the horizon.

    Edellocks has spent the last three years developing and improving the AirLock. The inspiration for the AirLock came from our collective inability to keep up with both our locks and pumps while riding. We have spent countless hours and developed 20+ prototypes to make the AirLock intuitive to use and extremely lightweight.

    We’re excited to share the AirLock with the cycling community. We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to have Bike Smarts showcase AirLock’s novel features and grassroots story. Thank you.

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